Monday, July 24, 2006

About 20 min
ago Anne took Pledges to the vet. Hopefully we’re going to find out what’s wrong with him. The worst case scenario is that he has a disease that could over time affect the other cats. Whatever he has he might have caught it from one of Anne’s other cats. The last one died, about Feb ‘02. Sure that was 4 years ago when she had the car but what ever Pledges had contracted may have been lying in his body for years before time set it off like a time bomb. If this thing will affect the other cats then I’d say sure, put him down. I hope she’ll come back with news one way or another.

Coast was pretty good last night. Art had a great show. We were in bed by 1:40am and I listened until 2:30am. I woke up just after 6am did the cbi thing and fired up the computer. I wanted to do some author research on Dave Duncan. I discovered in his bio he was born in 1933 but didn’t publish his first novel until he was 55. I’m Aug 21 away from being 55 but if Dave can do it. So can I. It just gave me a little hope is all. I went to bed at 7am and slept until 11am when Anne got up so I watched the rest of HGWT and then The Rifleman and the news. This is when Anne packed up Pledges for the Vet So I’d say I ended up with 7hrs sleep. Even after listening to Coast.

This morning when I was up, the cloud cover was ominous looking. It was too dark for a photo. I’ll have to learn how to work the special conditions part of the camera. But when I fired up the computer there was a loud crack that had bolted Pledges from within the window frame. A few more loud cracks of thunder later and we got a bit of light rain. I was in bed by 7am and I think it stopped shortly after.

I’m having my first coffee.

It looks like a hot one out there again today. I don’t think nothing like +34C we had yesterday/this weekend. It’s just been to hot here and we’re not used to these hot conditions. This weekends Grand prix here in Edmonton bought out huge numbers but on the news the attendance was down just a tad from last year due to the heat. I love winter. This heat is too much. Winter? Bring it on.

So what’s on the plate for today? Well, I’m going to Blog this and do my blog rounds and work a bit more on NW. A little every day and wait for Anne to come back with Pledges. I hope. If he needs to be put down today, then I won’t go into work tonight. I’ll be too broken up for that bs. Anyway, that’s all for now.


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