Wednesday, July 26, 2006

we went into
work just fine and we did WCS Ontario and I got a $30 credit card and then break. WCS Alberta. I got a $100 credit card and I got to play put golf and a hole in one for a $5 bonus (only if I get line hour.) I ended up pulling in $530. Again another night of quality not quantity. I gave Brian my recap as I had to take off a min early to go catch the train and it was raining out as well. A light rain. This time the train wasn’t there ahead of me. I had a relaxing trip in, my bus was there and home to my lovely wife waiting ahead of me at home.

Okay, some blog admin stuff to report. My Neocounter was behaving funny and if any of you go through my sidebar may have noticed the Neocounter turning brown with a message to upgrade. The service expired and I got the ugly brown boxes in my sidebar. Neocounter is nice but pricey and I don’t really need to know who’s online and from where. That’s why I have a stat counter and does pretty well much the same thing. Besides that it cluttered up my sidebar anyway. So I went into my Template and pulled the code.

My wife is up early taking Pledges into the vet again. This time we’re going to get some liquid medicine instead of those clumsy pills we have to insert in his mouth. Hopefully this will go easier on him until we can pull his teeth sometime next month. Hopefully there is nothing else wrong with him.

Anyway, tonight after the news we’re going to bed and listen to Coast and hopefully I can pass out and have a nice sleep. I’d like to get a good 7-8hrs and finish up the rough draft of the outline. Then I can work on the fine tuning but that’s all for now.


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