Sunday, July 23, 2006

We were in
bed by 3am and a bit overtime listening to Art's first show back since he moved to the Philippians. I got up at 6am and did the cbi thing. So I think I got maybe 2hrs. If it wasn't for the AC on we'd never get any sleep. Sleep came hard after that when I came back to bed about 6:30am but I slept okay getting woken up by the cats constantly jumping on my feet. I slept until 11:30am. I think I got 6 hrs sleep, altogether. I don't feel to bad right now.

After Daniel Boone I'm going to work on NW for the rest of the day and begin to get the scene sheets ready for AV my proposed space opera. This is a long term project Maybe 10 years or more. If I live that long :-) But for now, I'm focusing my attention on NW and that only. The AV deviation is just opening up a new WP document and renaming it AV scene sheet #1, that type of thing. There is no actually writing or organization of any klind going on. It's just laying out the scene sheets. No content. I know how many scenes go into the project and it will be one folder marked AV. But for now, I'm working on the scene sheets for NW adding the actual content into them for when I will actually do the writing schedualed for the Labor Day weekend.

Yesterday we broke a Temperature record. We got up to +35C/95F. Right now in Kelona BC they have it at 40C/104F. Way to hot for me. So it's off to do the writing thing. I'll pop back in later.


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