Sunday, July 30, 2006

That travel pill
sure knocked me out. I was asleep by 3am and I think I woke up to use the bathroom now and then but I also woke up about 6:45am. I had a good 3.5hrs sleep and did the cbi thing then went to bed. I was asleep by 7:15am and passed out until 12:30pm. That was a good 9 hours sleep. As good as it can get that is.

Before bed I composed an off the cuff comment on Robert J Sawyers Blog. "The state of science fiction." I was a little wiped out when I wrote it. I took a look at the published version a few minutes ago and it was readable anyway. But to add to comment #4, I might also suggest that the mainstream reader still thinks SF is about science and only people that read SF can understand what is going on. Speculative science fiction (what I like to write) allows me the self explanatory but I still need to explain in the story to a limited degree what concept X is. For example, a rocket ship that can cross the Galaxy must have an exotic power source to be able to do that. Unless explaining the power source of that rocket ship is important to the story, leave it out. When we get into the details of the power source of the rocket ship the story no longet is speculative fiction but Science Fiction. But in speculative science fiction a passing reference is all that's needed. The idea imo is to keep it simple and to tell a good story.

Also last night I took out most of NW’s middle and I began to work fresh from there. Ready to write a few notes on Scene 36. The middle has 40 scenes. I’ve got another 24 or so to go and I kept the ending as well. I want to get away from silliness that was in there yet keep the story focused on SF.


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