Tuesday, July 11, 2006

We got to
bed about 3am and Coast turned into a Bible belt war near the end. It was a religious topic anyway which I won't get into . Anneaccidentallyy woke me up about 5am and I was pissed off but after I did the cbi thing I was back in bed by 5:30am but sleep came hard. I was tossing and turning for about an hour. I think I got maybe 7hrs of sleep. After I got back to bed I didn't make a big stink about her waking me up. Right now she's getting my batteries for my digital camera. The real ones this time. I hope these work.

Since that big storm that blew by here late yesterday afternoon things are cooling off around here. Temperature is a comfortable +19* under sunny/windy skies. This week Temps should be hovering around the 23-24 mark. I like that. Easier to sleep at night.

I'm really proud of my wife for getting recognized on her job. Some people there, I don't know if this is the staff or just her co-workers, say she should take on a supervisor position but it means more stress for her and more hours. She'd rather stay where she is on the phones where she competentpetant enough to know she's doing a good job. I wouldn't blame her.

Anyway I'm onto my first coffee here and I just did a bsl reading sitting at 8.5. Still relatively high. Anne should be on her way home soon and hopefully has the battery recharger kit (rck) with the NIMH batteries for digital cameras. I'll put a set in right away and see if that replace battery icon comes off. If so, I'll take a shot and see if it comes out okay. After I finish my coffee of course. But she might also come back empty handed too.

Thanks to having that br break last night because Anne wanted to spend time with the cats and do a Hamster clean-up. I'll take a few shots with me. I'm kind of reluctant to go out to the West end again only because I don't want to run into people I know, like Dan and Bridget and possibly others, Mary etc. I'm not going to be there long, I'll get off at 97th Ave and tbachelortfromy bachelore fromm across the street and then across the to taka a shot of Bridget's building and then walk West up 97th slightly away from 156th st and around down 157th toward the Meyers old place. Hopefully there won't be any Peoples church people loitering around out back that may recognize me like Don or Tracy/Mary. I want to get in and out of there in a hurry and then to Sandy lane to get that shot of SL itself and the phone boot and then a bus back downtown and the train home.

Last night thanks to the break I was able to get some more scenes sheets together. I worked on 5 of them and got the beginning completed. Scene #20. Next I work on the middle. I also need to go into my scene breakdown and re-work that part of it. The 3 surprises actually one of them takes place about scene #17wheret near the end wher according to TMP should take place just after the beginning. It takes place a little early. Now I've got to sort out the various subplots and where they are going to fit and I'll be doing some of that tonight.

Oh also last night I was able to fix my blog Title. I had to go into the Template and mess around with the style sheet to do it. The sub title needs to stand out a bit more and I'm waiting for a reply that will show me hoe to do that. I wish Blogger had a system's restore so you could go back "in time" and fix something that was lost. But it must be quite a chore for Google to keep thousands of Templates ready for that function.

That's all for now


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