Friday, July 28, 2006

work went well.
CCSD all night. I had a slow night ending up pulling in only $305 on taps and a $20 credit card. However they are finally bringing back the bank bonuses and I got myself a $28 bonus coming up on my cheque next week. Plus a full week. Anne bought me a med size bag of bbq chips for watching wrestling. In the second half I ended up with a total of $635 and I was happy with that. There were several $1000 totals and a few $900 totals but not me. I was happy with my bank bonus though.

I barely got out the door and a brief wait for my train to Clairview and home. I got in about 9:30pm and watched Smackdown. I enjoyed it tonight. On a scale from 1-10,l I’d rate Smackdown tonight a 7. It was a good show.

Also, I’m almost closing out the remaining scenes for NW and I like most of what I’ve got. There are some parts that are just an idea and sections I’m going to have to move around but all in all, I like what I have. I’ve got a few scenes left empty and I know how the ending of the book goes. I might even push the start date forward to Nov. 1st. The book will only take me 10 weeks to write and that will carry me up until the end of the year.

That's all for now


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