Saturday, July 22, 2006

No problem getting
into work this morning. Right now the temperature is 34* or 93.2F I think we broke a record today. So, I got the donuts, no problem. We ended up doing CHF and I had a great first half pulling in $300 in one hour. There was a $10 bonus for the first to get to $400 and I was at $395 and confident I’d get the bonus with my next sale. I announced it but pat was a min ahead of me and got it. I ended up with $500 at the break, After the break, it was going a lot slower. I did a total of $820 and I was lucky to get that. I had x6 $100 potential sales come on my screen and everyone of them were “Not home‘s.” F3’s. The guy beside me got 2 of them. I was not having a good day but made line hour.

Anyway I was glad to get out of there. All I wanted to do was to get home. It was hot. I looked at going over to Audrey’s Books but it was to hot. I got my train which was rather crowded and listened to my music. I heard an announcement about something and the train going out of service at Coliseum Station. It was stopping so I figured something was up, I’d take the train down to Stadium and double back but the train back to the Coliseum was standing room only. What the hell was going on? When the train got to Coliseum again, the train was out of service. Alternate buses to Belvedere and Clairview station were ready to shuttle people to Belvedere and or Clairview. Express. It was very warm out there and I was getting pissed off. So I caught a bus to Belvedere and then Clairview. Worst part about it was the Clairview leg which was a contingency bus went right by where I had to go. But because it was an express bus, Wouldn’t stop right outside my place. I had to go to Clairview station and wait for a Northgate bus. After about a five min wait at Clairview station there were several Police cars about and transit Police. I asked what was going on but they were not ready to give me an answer except the police were there on an unrelated matter. Yeah right. Okay, after a 5 min wait inside the bus as it waited to leave I was finally under way.

My wife was on the computer wondering what happened to me. I was hot and tired and cranky about the whole ordeal on the way home. She had to stop at the “Giant Tiger” for supplies and that’s where she is now. Somewhere out there. I thought I’d turn up the radio local news there for a bit to see if anything was going on. Not a word. Maybe we’ll find something about the transit thing tonight. Anyway, I’m tired and drained and I want to have a bit of a nap.

That's all for now.


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