Monday, July 10, 2006

lets see I went
into bed last night about 1am and listened to a bit of Coast. Anne came in about 2am and I tried to sleep but an hour later I past out. I woke up at 7:15am Yikes. I got 4hrs but after I got back to bed sleep came even harder for me. I think about 8:30am I finally got to sleep and I woke up at noon. So I got another 3.5hrs. All-in-all, I think I got 7hrs sleep.

I got up to watch the news but the living room tv wasn’t working. We’ve got this 2 channel remote control selector hook-up, which really annoys me. I can never figure the thing out half the time, so much to my wife’s irritation I got her out of bed to fiz the damn thing for me. Just in time to watch the noon news hour.

Apparently Ralph and his Caucus are supposed to meet to decided what to do with our $8B surplus. The surplus is due to oil and gas revenues that have come into Alberta Govt coffers in the past year. With those revenues years ago we (Albertans) we’re able to pay down the Provincial debt. Last year Ralph Kline our Premier devised a plan of 3rds. How to spend the surplus. 1/3rd for education etc, 1/3rd infrastructure etc, and 1/3rd back to Albertans. It cost just about $1B to give everybody a $400 resource cheque in Jan.
The only ones that don’t get these resource cheques are prisoners in jail and those that did not file a 2005 tax return but families with children get them as well. Even 2 year old kids received them. So, if they decided to continue on with the 1/3rd format great. The resource cheques this year could be even bigger due to the high surplus. Could be but I’m not holding my breath expecting another gift this year. If we do get one though that could work out to 2.8B. In which case we could-might even, maybe, get $1G each. Most of us Albertans that support the resource cheques consider this to be pay back time because of the hardship we endured back in the early 1990’s. Privitization running rampart, unemployment very high. The economy was on a sever downturn. Alberta is like that, boom to bust. So in the early 1990’s there were a lot of changes made to UIC, Welfare. Privatization and downsizing were the buzzwords for the early 1990’s. I did alright in the 1990’s. For the most part I always had an income coming in. Oh and anynody that has filed a 2005 tax return (like we did) will get a resource cheque, maybe. I don’t know if there is any other stipulation/qulification for getting a resource cheque, like you have to have lived here for a year or something like that. And there is nothing solid on a possible next round of resource cheques. We probably won’t know until Sept if that. This is Ralphs last year and there is a PC leadership convention coming up to elect a new leader. Ralph is on his way out so a lot of the new Premier hopefuls don't like the resource cheque give-a-way's. But Ralph is still with us until Jan. Jim Denning is the next big contender for Alberta Premier.

Yesterday after Daneil Boone I began working on the scene sheets for NW and I’ve got 14 of them done. The thing is I’d like to work in the first person POV but I have a lot of POV characters. I’ve got the usual 4 main characters and a few others that get their own scenes. The beginning 20 scenes get hectic. Lot of POV shift changes. I don’t know how comfortable I am with this just yet. But when reading the scene shifts and all, it makes sense. Yet it’s not clear for example who the romantic interest is and who the confidant character is or as I like to use “Best Friend.” An example of Best Friend is Han Solo to Luke Skywalker. I’ll be working on a few more scene sheets today if I have time and of course I hope to have the beginning scenes all mapped out.

Speaking about “Star Wars” the latest “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, “Dead mans chest” scored huge at the box office this last weekend racking in $132 Million. Wow. That’s a new movie record. It beat out the last “Spider-Man” movie the previous record holder and “Spider-Man” beat out “Star Wars Revenge of the Sith.” I forget how much Star Wars 1977 did opening weekend. Looks like Disney has a franchise on their hands. This “Pirates” movie is the surprise of the summer. No doubt the Summers Block buster for 2006. I saw the first movie and didn't think too much of it. I'll wait till this one comes out on cable.

Anyway, late yesterday afternoon as I was working on NW, I saw out my window some gathering and it seemed some of the neighbors held a small mag pie gossling. The bird was injured and the mother bird was squawking panicking about her baby. I felt bad for the mother. I got Annes attention to go down and investigate. It seems the bird fell out of the nest and injured itself. Anne brought out our spare bird cage but neighbors across from us had this happen before and they called Alberta fish game and wildlife. They took the bird in a cage and left it in the yard over night. They said they would call Alberta Wild life today. Poor mother, probably felt sick inside all night. I would like to get a progress report about the bird. I can still see the nest in the tree even from here. I would like to get an update on what happened but Anne doesn’t seem to care to much and I don’t know who the people were that took the bird in. That event kind of did something to me inside. Made me realize that all living things feel. I’ve always known about this of course but this is something that hit close to home.

Anyway, this has been a longer entery then I anticipated and I want to Blog this and get on with what little time I have left to get ready to Blog and go I nto work. Anyway, wrestling is on tonight. Wuu Whoo.

That’s all for now.


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