Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My evening
turned out to be better then I had expected. I sat near JT. Always a pleasure and I ended up getting a $50 credit card, which intitled me to play one stroke of put golf. Something management wants to do to generate some energy in the room. We were doing CCSD first half and WCS the second and I ended up closing just under $500 by break and I ended up with $75 credit cards and closed on a finale sale of $40. This customer hadn’t donated since 2001. It was a $50 tap but he did $40. I love closing on money. I was coming down the stairs at Carona to the platform and my train arrived. Second time in as many days this happened. I barely caught the train home.

I got in at my usual time and fired up the computer and figured that'l take time and I went to watch this old Bob Hope movie in progress, "My favorite spy." one of my favorites. Then my wife came in and brought frozen pizza. i hate that crap. She meant well but burned the base. When my movie was over, I watched the news and came out here.

Earlier yesterday afternoon I ended up completing the concept for scene 70/80. Then I'm going to work out some of the details. Right nowit's all in an outline form. I've got some great stuff.


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