Monday, July 31, 2006

I was in
bed by 2:30am but couldn’t sleep. I wanted to hear that bit about SETI the first hour because the guest a renowned speaker and advocate for SETI said that SETI had found a signal. Then it got conspiratorial and I figured, I got suckered in again. More on this later. I couldn’t sleep and it was nearing 4am so I figured I may as well get up and work on the NW outline a bit more. I did the cbi thing just after 5am and went to bed. I had to get up numerators times to pee and I recall it being just after 10am. I woke up and the time was 12:40pm! My left side of the bed was empty. I got up and Anne was in the front room watching her soaps. All is well in the world. So far.

I did a bsl reading while firing up the computer and it read 9.9. Rather high but it’ll come down again. I’m almost out of test strips and I might need to pick up some more this week but I’ve got another container of a few more, when my wife accidentally mixed in the old ones with the new ones. I had to go in and separate them all.

Looks like a nice day shaping up out there. Anne just went across the street to Super Store for some case diet cola for me for the week. I take 2 cans with me into work but usually I just have one can. It’s cheap enough by the case of 12.

Alright, Coast last night had Dr. Steven Greer and he is a regular on Coast. He said he had 3 corroborated inside SETI sources that SETI had already made contact with ET and that higher ups are suppressing the story. So many contacts that an (here it comes) unknown Govt agency began jamming their transmissions. Okay, it’s possible. Again a story that can’t be verified so Greer’s butt is covered. Then he goes into the disclosure project et. Art expands on this by saying Seth S. also a regular Coast guest/SETI astronomer says that if they did get a signal the story would break out all over the Internet. In a way, he makes sense because of all the millions of SETI @ some computers crunching numbers for SETI. Now I don’t know if this @ Home project is currently still in use but I find it hard to believe that an outside Govt. agency can suppress millions of @ Home users as well. The SETI @ Home users would have picked up the signal along with their larger counter part the first couple of times before this agency stopped transmissions. Greer also says that the reason why national media hasn’t grabbed a hold of this is because of a CIA directive to National media that such stories compromise National Security. Again his butt is covered. So Greer goes on to point to a PDF file indicating this National Security loop hole. This is where the show got too silly even for me. I needed sleep more then I needed to hear Greer whine about disclosure and SETI. In conclusion however, I do have respect for Greer and he is a smart man and for all we know, he may have it right. But imo the only way we’re ever going to contact Et is either through missions like Kepler and better technology. SETI isn’t bad but if all their doing is looking for radio transmissions, their barking up the wrong tree. Since when would Et use radio transmissions? Maybe the communicate telepathically or use some other form of communication within their own planet we don’t know exists. I’ve got more to say on this and I might write an essay on Et/Setti commentary but I got more to do in the short hour I’ve got online today.

So, this afternoon, I’m going into work and back around 9:30pm-ish and to get ready for wrestling. I hope it’s better then last weeks show. I miss the old Stampede Wrestling in the 1980’s not the new version they have out today but that looks good to. The old Stampede Wrestling with Ed Whalen was an hour show and the story lines were more interesting. The audience was right there with the wrestlers in a more intimate surrounding. Every wrestler had a story line. It was a great show.

Anyway, that’s enough for now but just a brief mention July 31st was a Friday 1987 19 years ago was Black Friday, when a Level 4 Tornado hit the outskirts of East Edmonton. Not to far away from here actually. It killed 21 people. More on this later. Time to make my Blog rounds and post this.


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