Thursday, July 27, 2006

Onto my first coffee.
Okay, we we’re in bed by 1:00am and I gave Anne a little br to 1:30am. Then I listened to Coast from 1:30am until 2:30am and I slept awkward and couldn’t sleep. I recall finally getting to sleep around 4am but I got woken up by the cats wanting me to feed them around 5am. I did the cbi thin and was in bed by 5:30am. I struggled to sleep maybe an hour and I realized Anne had to get up around 8:30am to get Pledges ready for the Vet. She said something in there that she didn’t need to get up until 9am for her 10:30am vet appointment. I slept until 10am got up to pee. Some relief, and I fell back asleep and woke up it was 12:30pm. I couldn’t say how many hours I got. Maybe 5 if I’m luck. I should have had that half beer or something.

My problem sleeping isn’t so much my diabetes and scoliosis but because I’m not active enough during the day. I really want to go into work earlier say around noon for the 1:30-9pm shift a couple days/week. Just for now.

Back to outlining NW.


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