Monday, July 31, 2006

I got all the rough scene descriptions for NW. It took me most of the afternoon and evening to do it but now it looks more coherent then it did before and less silly. Now I can focus on Character development and sub plots. It's a lot of work but enjoyable at the same time.

An hour ago we tried to get the medicine into Pledges and we missed a bit because he bolted at the third installment. I hope we got as much into him as possible.

I'm going to wrap a few things up here and then be in bed hopefully by 1am.

Next weekend, I'm having a long weekend for a change. Three days off. I need the break.

Odds and ends:
Are these picures of Big foot or just some guy in a bear suit? I think the later then the former. Link curtsey of Coast.

Tonight on Coast "Prophecy" But the first hour will provide an update on SETI and a weird story that surfaced recently. I'll be up to listen to that so maybe bed by 1am might be a bit ambitious on my part.


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