Wednesday, July 12, 2006

today: What a disaster. I pissed my wife off with my snoring (latter) because her ear plugs kept popping in and out. This was around 7am. I think I got maybe 2 hrs sleep before that and maybe an hour and a half after that. Perhaps 3 hours. If that. That episode blew over and by noon we were back to our old selves again.

Anyway, I went and installed the batteries in my camera and went out back to take a few outdoor shots. Works great. There's a thread going around in the "Blog Newbies" section about web space. I can't recall how much space Blogger lets users have for photos. I read somewhere around 300mb? I don't know if that's/blog or/client etc.

Okay, when I got into work low and behold here all of us tap shooters are doing semies for the night. Canadian Burn Foundation. Uggg. I got bounced around 3 times until finaly I get the most crapiest dialer/station on the system. Blurry font, ergo nomic keyboard which I'm not used to which slowed me down. I was getting TD all over the place. I think there we're 3 of us at break at $25 but most everyone else was doing over $100. I sucked and I let Will know that I attributed this from what happened with Anne this morning and I'm operating on maybe less then 4 hours sleep. I asked him if I could pack it up and go home. He agreed. I'll be back tomorrow and I will. Lowest total I had in months.

Well, after that, I decided I'd go up the street where Anne works and I found out she was just getting off her break. She was surprised to see me but I explained what was going on. At least I got paid for 2 hours. So we sat out front there on 104th and Jasper Ave while she had her lunch and had a nice chat. They get a half hour for lunch. Sweet.

So I went to Bay station and had a long wait for my train and laid my back on the decorative pedestals for seating and that felt good. I told Anne I was going to go over to Future Shop and have a look around. I was out at Clairview by 7:45pm. I asked about the camera cases and they have a nice one for about $16. They all have straps. I looked at the LG 50 inch Plasma screen tv's but I forgot to ask if they were HDtv ready. I asked about Ram and they have my type 512mg $100. The guy said name brand doesn't matter. The Plasma Tv's run for $3600. $3816 after GST. Oww.

It was very humid at Fs and I left feeling pretty good but sweating walking home. I got inside and fired up the computer and went for a shower. Wednesdays are traditionally bad work days for me anyway. Whe I got inside I took everything off and went and had a shower. Cool water. Ahh. Since I didn't have break at work I got into my sanwiches since Anne said they were my fav flakes of ham. I wolfed them down and the last can of cola. Good stuff. I made a coffee as I began to write this and I'm feeling a lot more relaxed at the moment.

Normally I'd be getting in just about now. And Anne just came in now as well and went out to feed the birds. Anyway, that's about all for me for now.


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