Saturday, July 15, 2006

I’m sure if
I hadn’t left early Wed, Anne would suggest I stay home this weekend but even though I’m tired and I could certainly use another 4 hours sleep, I’m still going to go into work this morning.
So, I had another br break last night. I usually can count on one Fri nights because I’m up early to go into work. Sure it’s only 4 hrs but it still interrupts the weekend. I was in bed by 1am this morning listening to a bit of Coast. Open lines. I recall dozing in and out of the program not really listening. I turned it off and went to sleep but I recall waking up around 3:13am I guess that’s when Anne came in but it was really Pledges that woke me up and his purring. I got up to watch The Rifleman and “Okanogan Prairie and Places.” A host at a table in a barn like setting and a guest that’s an expert on people and events of the Old West in BC. Something about a preacher and a mission in the Okanogan. It was a pretty good story. But it was closing in on 4:30am and I thought maybe I should feed the cats but hell they can wait until I got up at 7 or whatever before I leave today. I got up around 6am and fed the cats and went back to bed for a few hours. I think I got maybe 5hrs sleep, if that.

I’m up just before 8am this morning, I fire up the computer, put the kettle on for coffee and put my oatmeal in the microwave and go have a shower. I’m doing 4 different things at once. I took my insulin and had my breaky and I’m just relaxing here until I’ve got to get ready.

I was reading in the paper yesterday that The Who will be making a stop here in Edmonton, sometime in September. The last 2 remaining original members, Roger Daltry and Pete Townsend. They are also kicking off a new album as well for the tour, “Who 2”. I’m behind on a lot of Albums I’d like to pick up. I think David Byrne has 2 since “Look into the Eyeball” and a few compilations. Allan Parsons as well has a few albums one he released last year. I don’t know if Kansas has released anything but it seems they have a few offerings I missed out on since “Freaks.” There are also other bands I like, even new artists. The music doesn’t have to come from my generation it just has to be something I like. Lately most music has been Rap but not always. Anyway, more on this later. Maybe.

As for right now, I’m off to work.


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