Thursday, July 13, 2006

Anne went on a
bottle run last night and made a huge fine at the bins. Almost $10. Good stuff, so with what we have here and the ones from last night she went off on a bottle run around 11am. It’s a nice day for it to. The cat woke me up about 4:45am and I did the cbi thing. I went right to bed but got up numerous times to use the bathroom. I don’t know how much sleep I got, maybe 7hrs. Hard to say. Anyway, I got up after she left and my HGWT was pre empted because of the Calgary Stampede spotlight or what ever it’s called. So what the heck, I went back to bed and had 40 winks. I got up to watch the news.

I’m having my first coffee. Ahh.

There was nothing yet about the fallout from the big buy out between Bell and Chum. CTV buying out City Tv. City Tv. There were “massive lay-offs” at City Tv right on the heals of this buy out. It was a friendly take over. I heard that City Tv was going to close it’s operations at the end of this month and re open again under a new identity or something like that but I don’t know too many details. City Tv owns or owned Space, Much Music, and other specialty channels and 12 Tv stations across the country. City Tv used to be called A channel. A channel was launched in 1996 the year after I left my old bachelor apartment. A channel was also the location I first got wind of 9/11 that morning on the way into work, I was looking at the crowd gathering at the monitors on the street corner outside wondering what was going on. It wasn’t until I had gotten inside the office that Mark were all making a big deal about it and it hit home through out the day. So if City Tv goes would Space Channel be not far off behind it? Here are some details of the merger/buy out what ever it’s called. CHUM also owns Access Network so that's A Channel and Channel 9.

I suppose the big tech medical news of the decade is Matthew Nagle the fellow that had a computer chip implanted in his brain. Now he can move a computer cursor just by thinking about it. It’s no where near market place approval yet but it might go that way.

Twenty years ago I was chasing after Chrisie. I recall making many lunch hour phone calls to her place. This was just before she met Rob and moved from Bob’s house to his place. Before Star Trek the Next Generation. Even before my first computer. I was 34 going on 35 and I was thin. I was working there at the Army&Navy Cobogo Wearhouse. Now called Cobogo lofts. In the small photo of the outside of the Cobogo building you can see a set of windows on the main floor just above the basement. The one on the right nearest the front door was my old office. During those times I was trying to make it as a writer. I had my portable typewriter I would bring in with me to work and back. I wrote a novel I titled Zyphrium rising in that little office. The story never went anywhere except a few hundred pages of nonsense. But Cobogo was whee I spent most of my time in the 1980's. The article mentions underground parking? I wonder how they managed that? The last time I was in that building was July 15th 1999 just before 4pm. I worked in this building from Sept 1982-Jan 1989. It was a big part of my life. On the roof of this building was where I was when the 1987 Black Friday Tornado hit Edmonton. I was working here when the Oilers won their first Stanely Cup. I was working here when I was going with Marie and Chrisie and when I first got hired on at the Company I work now called GWE back then. I worked here when I was a lot more healthier then I am now. My parrents were still alive when I was working in this building. lot's of memories. So imagine my surprise when I did a Google search for Cobogo lofts and this pic above is what I found. That office nearest the stairwell on the right is where I was able to nap for sometimes hours at a time when times were slow. Even though it was min wage, it was the best job I ever had.

Anyway, that’s all for now.


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