Friday, July 14, 2006

I had a pretty
good evening. A lot better then last night. I ended up doing $285, which is just above line hour. Here are the rest of the photo's of the office I took tonight. This one is our "lounge" area. That's a fake fireplace there folks. our social club fund at work.

This shot is looking West. That's Robs office bside where the clock is on the wall. There are also another section of monitors across that office that is used by "business". These monitors/dialers as we call them, are not used at night.

As you come off the elevator this is the reception desk and behind where she sits is our "water wall" you can't see it in action but it does work. Again our "social club" fund at work.
This is our tap section. In theory if your good and last long enough you get to be over at this side where you get more money. Yeah right. I usually sit behind that post there but lately we haven't had any taps to work with.

I also took a couple of outdoor sunset shots but in order to have all the shots in order you've got to place them all first.


Grat photos Jim.
Little ameturish but I'm not a pro.
More to come but I want to be carefull with how much space I'm using.
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