Saturday, July 29, 2006

Anyway I’m
up and kind of awake. I got to bed 1:45am and listened to a bit of Coast for awhile and passed out. Just doing the cbi thing and waking myself up before heading off into work. By 9am, I’ll be out front here waiting for the bus to come over the Manning bridge. We’ve got some light rain developing out there. Off and on.. I think it’s stopped now.

Last night I put together a sort of at a glance story synopsis for NW. I’m onto scene #30.
And when I get home after a nap I’ll work on the rest. Maybe tonight get the Middle done and tomorrow the ending. Basically many of the scenes are just ideas and some dialogue to enhance the idea and scene description. In the original design I have to many POV shifts and I’m going to take most of them out. The only scene shifts imo should be between the bad guy and the hero.

Last night after the news we began to give Pledges his medicine. We had to wrap him up in a towel and I had to hold him down at the table. Anne gave it to him on the tongue a few times like directed and he escaped the towel we had to find him and then the 2nd time we got the medicine into him at last. And we’ve got to do that every night for a month. Not fun. Hopefully my wife can get a pension fund withdraw and we can use that money at the end of the month to have his teeth taken out. We probably need a blood test done on him as well before we do that to see if there are any other underlying problems.

Anywhow, that's all for now.


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