Friday, July 14, 2006

Here's the last image
I managed to download last night. This was taken just about 9:30pm after a light rain in
the City. I took the image before this one first and this one seond. I don't know what all the extra stuff is at the bottom.

Sleep came hard and the cat came in and bugged me all morning. Maybe I got an hour sleep. Until I got up po’d at the cat fed them and did the rest of the cbi thing and I went right to bed around 6:15am. My wife took the heavy quilt off which was partially to blame for my lack of sleep. I slept alright after that until 11:30am. I might have got 6hrs. If that but other then a soar neck (what else is new?) I’m alright.

My 15yr old cat Pledges is in a bad way lately. I think he’s got an abscessed tooth. I took a shot of him yesterday. He has these growling episodes and drooling. Occasionally he’ll growl and run somewhere. He’ll make this loud sound that’ll sometimes startle me. I don’t know what to do with him. He’s to old to take another round of anesthesia and that could kill him right there. I’m afraid this year, I could lose him. He’s been a big part of my life since 1991. I'll post apic of him in the next entry.

I think what I’m going to do next week and I should have done it the other night while I had it off was to go check on the “A” job /survey and put my name in. Ideally I’d like to work there afternoons from 1-4:30pm and walk over to X where I work now. A pays $11 hr and that’s a good chunk of change. I still need that rainy day fund and I might just use my saved up vacation pay in Dec and begin to open a secret bank account (sba) and the post office box thing. I’d put my money from “A” in there and save it. (Under such a scenario) (USS) I haven’t decided yet on the A job either or any second job for that matter. I’m not even certain if I want to add more hours to the job I already have. Although that certainly is an option and I worked the 1:30pm shift before. 1:30pm-9pm might be hard to do because of the fatigue factor. But when I worked 9am-4:30pm, I wasn’t diabetic either. I just might end up putting more hours in my current job after all, say just 2 days/week for now. Tues/Wed. That would give me 29.5hrs in. I could still maintain a sba and Rob would give me a raise by the end of the month. Or I could go, Mon 4hrs, Tues 7, Wed 7, Thur 7, Fri 3.5 Sat 4. I like the way things are now. It gives me 23.5 hrs in. This shedual also gives me time to work on my writing at the same time. He'd give me more money if I put the hours in and he's putting preasure on me to put more hours in or hopefuly I'll quit.

One of the guys where I work has been on the job with this comapny for a long time. Nothing wrong with him. He helps witness my wife's pension papers for me. So lately my comapy want's me to quit or put more hours in. Or at least all the signs are there that they are trying to put pressure on me so I will quit or do more hours. Robs a control freak. He likes putting stress on his employees and with me not under his direct "employ"means he can't control me. I mean it's embarrasing to Rob that they have a tap shooter make the same money as somebody that just started. So they are doing what they can to put presure on me to leave or put more hours in. It's all about control. Here's what I mean. Just recently they've been getting back to having employee recognition. Employee of the month (EOM). It was on a hiatus for a year or more. So "Management"lately picks five possible candidates. Some from the residentual, some from the morning, afternoon and evening shift. The idea is you vote for the EOM and the winner get's his name on a plaque and it comes with $50 (only if your-sarcasm- at line hour) probably. So a month or two ago, the EOM nomination guy I'm talking about was already nominated. He already has his name on the plaque as well. So have I, But now they have his name up there again. Will made a big dial about it. I don't participate. Of cousre our nomination guy takes his usual 2 smoke breaks which I don't take any but I'm about to. Every night from now on, I'm going to go off my dialer and take 2-3 minutes off and just go out side for some air. Personally I don't care to much about this EOM. I never got my $50 for the last time I got my name on the plaque what 3 years or so ago? When they get the rest of the plaques up there, I'll try and find mine and I'll get a photo f it. Anyway, That's all for now. Silly Company I work for.


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