Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I went to
bed shortly after midnight. Nice for a change and listened to Old Time Radio, Green Hornet and something else I passed out with/on I turned the radio off because Coast was boring. This week it’s rather lame. We had the AC on until my wife came in about 1:30am and turned it off. I woke up and went right back sleeping. Other then too use the bathroom I think I got up when my wife came to bed and I slept until just after 5am. I did the cbi thing and went right back to sleep and I got up at various times, but I think I got 8hrs of sleep. Since being diabetic from July 2004 I’ve never had a proper sleep. By that I mean a full 8 hrs without some interuption. B-room breaks are par for the course but I’m up early to take that first dose of insulin.

I came out to the living room about 11:25am and watched The Rifleman. One of my favorite Westerns. Heck, one of my favorite shows.

So today it’s off into work. I feel good about calling in and if they didn’t get the answering machine message I left late yesterday afternoon, then that’s their problem. I did my part. In other words I don’t feel too bad going into work this afternoon.

For the rest of the afternoon, I’m going to Blog this and do my blog rounds and then work some more on NW, A little bit each day. I might have the rough draft underway by Labor Day and completed in Oct but then the real work begins. I want to find the layers of the story. Work on the thematic elements and go as deep as I possibly can without watering down the integraty of the overall story premise of course.

On the Oiler front, seems that Mike Peca had signed with Toronto maple Leafs. The news for the Oilers gets worse. I think this is as worse as it’s going to get but I think the Oilers are still going to get one more big name hockey player before the end of the off season. Probably around the Labor Day weekend there about’s. I think Kevin Low blew it during the Pronger/Peca trade. Pronger wanted to play here but personal issues got in the way and Peca almost everyone knew didn’t want to stay here. Low should have seen that coming before he made the deal. Sure it’s all nice to get the players and all but if they don’t want to play here after one season then what’s the point?

Anyway, that’s about all for now.


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