Sunday, July 09, 2006

work went slow
earlier today. We ended up doing ASB and I think at the break I was $159, Then we did CBF and at the end of the shift I ended up doing $604. Much better. I was tired and after packing up my things I went home. On the train home my back hurt from a few twists and turns the train takes on the tracks. A bus was waiting for me at Clairview and I was the only passenger on the bus home.

I spent some quality time with my wife and the cats before she left to go do her thing. I had a bit of a nap, maybe an hour. Supper was around 8pm, not much of a meal. After supper I began hard at work on the scene sheets for NW. I put 10 sheets together and I like what I have but the Romantic interest (RI) seems to be divided over several characters, which could confuse the reader and the main RI which I have as the 4th POV character has some critical scenes in the story so far. I’ve still got some fine tuning to do here obviously but it's a minor problem that I can fix up. The idea just sort of got away from me. Nothing is writtien down anyway.

Anyway, the evening went by fast. I took the trash out and went for a little walk around the building. So that was nice. Still warm out there.

That’s all for now.


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