Thursday, July 20, 2006

One way of
looking at a writing goal is not just word count but page count. Lets say 250 words on a page using New Courier font. Typewriter font that is. I figure a 100k book would translate into 400 pages at 250 words/page. If I can say do, 5 pages/day/400 pages, then that’s 80 days. Of course even 5 pages/day is a demanding goal I might not be able to acomplish. Now what about for scenes? How about 1 scene/day? That’s still 80 days. Actually less because on the weekends I can do 2 scenes/day. The scenes don’t have to be huge. I think the Swain method is better then TMP for this.

Uggh. The above was before I went to bed earlier this morning. Anne woke me up at 4am and then again about 6:30am so I did the cbi thing and then went back to bed. I slept okay after that. I Slept until about 11:15am. 3-4:15am =1.5hrs, then from 4:25am-6:15am =2hrs. Then from 6:15am until 11:15am =5.15min. I slept maybe 8.5hrs but not all together. I wouldn’t have mind getting up at 6am as long as I wasn’t "forced" out of bed at 4:15earlier. I’m not mad at my wife or anything. If I had 3-4hrs sleep and she woke me up every time I turned around then maybe.

One of my goals this year, which I haven’t done yet is to read a book/week.That means to read about 50 pages/day. The goal also is part of the other goal, which is to buy 1 book/week. Either by the month or every 2 weeks. It’s probably better to buy them once a in a month. Go out buy 4 books and that’s my reading goal. The reasoning for this is because eventualy I’m going to have to read my own copy after it’s done. I figure at 400 pages, once I get up to reading speed, I can have the book read in a week. Yeah right.

Capital Ex got under way this morning. They usually do a free breakfast. I think it’s still free. Then the parade. It used to be called Klondike days or K-Days. The City wanted to distance itself from the Klondike day theme to reflect the new direction the City is going. To reflect our multi cultural mosaic as the cliché goes. The festival is still 10 days. Basiclly it's our exhibition. You know, rides, feris wheels, candy floss that tyoe of thing. Konlin is the company that put's it together ans they travel cities all over North America. It's basicly The Circus with out the Big Top. Right after that is Heritage Days but coinciding with Capital Ex is The Edmonton Grand Prix. I don’t know how long this will go on for. Also there is Edge Fest as part of Capital Ex and also in Churchill Square is a Taste of Edmonton. Then there’s the Folk festival coming up and if that isn’t enough there is also The Fringe which usually takes place around my birthday.

When I first came to Edmonton backing 1978 the only thing going on was K-Days. I think Heritage Days was going on as well as this year marks the 31st edition of the Festival.Heritage Days began in 1975 and I came here 3 years later. My life wasn’t about what was external to me at the time I was involved in with Ellen at the time. I don't think the Fringe was around in 1978. I think it came out in 1982.

This is when I first got exposed to D&D style Fantasy. Speaking of which when I was at Fs last week I saw the box for the recent D&D Online game. From the screen shots on the box cover art the whole game looked like a top down POV. Turns me off completely. I like the Everquest forward scrolling without the extra appendages (weapons) sticking out at the bottom of the screen. The original Elder Scrolls game had this feature but I don’t know if "Oblivion" continued on with it. I hope not.

Anyway, that’s all for now.


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