Sunday, May 21, 2006

I slept like
lumber from when I went to bed from 3am until about 7:15 to do the cbi thing. I was only up long enough to do the cbi thing and back to bed. I past out until getting up to various times to pee. I got up at about 11:30am. All slept out. Other then to get up and pee and the cbi thing, I slept a good 8 hours. I’m refreshed and ready to get right back into Chapter 3 of Swains book. This book is a real eye opener. I’m learning stuff about the writing process I’ve never seen. Good stuff. For any new writer, I recommend this book.

The big movie blockbuster this summer seem to be MI3, then The Davency Code and then X-men. Not much for movies this summer but with the Oilers so far into the playoffs and all, I don’t really care about movies this Spring/Summer.


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