Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sure looks
like a nice day out there even though there is a lot of cloud. I couldn’t sleep very well last night. I think I dozed off there a bit during Coast. I got into bed about 4am and I had trouble sleeping but I think I past out about 4:30am and woke up about 6:30am to do the cbi thing and I past out and slept until 11:30am to watch the Rifleman. That and HGWT are about the two best of the old B&W Westerns, although I do like Annie Oakley and Roy Rogers. I like the half hour Westerns. They pack a lot in the limited time frame they have. Great stories. They don’t make tv like that anymore. I used to like the Space Channel before they merged it with horror elements.

Drinking my first coffee and dreading my way into work this afternoon. I hope I don’t run into Fantini. But if they want to send me home and suspend me for 2 weeks, I’ll take it. My wife has been wanting me to take a week or two off for a long time now. Since I came out of the hospital with having diabetes of June of ’04. I was so tired coming into bed after the cbi thing, I was grateful to work evenings. Still am. But if I get a suspension then I’ll pop into Anne’s work on the way home explain what went down and then I’ll go put my name in at other places and I’ll be looking at changing my job during that time. This always happens when Anne suggests I take the night off like I did yesterday and I’m left with the same sense of dread heading into work to face the music. Think I’d know better. I'm sure everything will work out okay tonight.

Anyway, not much on the writing front. I'm going to revise my last short story, "Crosshairs" after reading what I'm learning now. I'll make it a lot stronger and submit it not to the web but to print media. Anyway, that's all for now.


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