Saturday, May 27, 2006

the Edmonton Oilers
are going to the Stanley Cup Finale, and the City is going nuts out there.

The Oilers won 2-1 although it was a real nail biter the last 2 min. The horns are honking out there like crazy. Whyte Ave is Party Central. Now the team can have a few days off and face the next series for the Cup itself. Incredible, they beat out The top team in the NHL regular season, then they beat out SJ and if that wasn’t enough, they beat out Anaheim Ducks tonight. Now they wait until whoever comes out of the Buffalo Sabers/Carolina Hurricanes series. I’d like to see a Doug Weight, Ryan Smyth match up in the finale. I think the Prince of Wales Confrence is tied at two games right now. I think if that series goes 7 games, then the Stanley Cup finale could beging June 5th.

I'm one happy camper


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