Wednesday, May 17, 2006

man is it warm
out there. I think pushing 27 and we should get 31. Temps like that are rare here in the City.

I had a night off of the br and I ended up doing some writing until about 2:30am and I listened to Jim Marss on Coast last night. Good show. I slept util about 5:30am. I think I got 2.5hrs in and I was really tired and exhausted doing the cbi thing and went to bed right away. I was in bed by 6am and other then to get up and pee I slept for a good 5.5hrs getting up at 11:20am and I went to the front room, turned on the TV to watch what was left of HGWT and The Rifleman. Dan Blocker was in it from Bonanza. Actually pre Bonanza days. This episode could have been the inspiration for Bonanza.

Then while watching the news I got this huge cramp in my right calf just underneath the knee. Painful. Then I yawned and I got this cramp in my jaw, Not a good morning.

Anyway, E3 gaming/tech expo in LA is currently underway. Or over for all I know. Doesn't look like there is anything spectacular like last years show, with the news of the Xbox 360 release. I've been hearing all kinds of horror stories coming out of the Xbox 360. The gaming platform has some over heating issues no doubt among other issues. It's a good idea introducing next Gen games and all. I'll wait for another year until they've gota lot of the bugs out of it before I get an Xbox360. For now I'm just going to get a Sony Play Station. And even then, that won't be for awhile yet.

Right now I need to speed this computer up and that means getting some more Ram. I also have books I want to buy and one I've already ordered. I also want a decent printer and There are a few brands I'm looking at. Bottom line, I need some xtra cash.

Anyway, I did just over 1000 words so far on the day and closing in towards 40k mark. By the end of this month, I should be around 72k. I wanted to be around 80k. Possible, depends on how much I get done on the weekends. That's all for now. Go Oilers Go!


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