Saturday, May 06, 2006

to add insult
to injury I end up messing my bus so I walk down to the lrt. That’s okay, I needed the exercise. I paid my ticket got down to work with plenty of time to spare. I got my doughnut. We were doing the Optimist Club and had about maybe 8 of us doing it. Except for a few we were all pretty well in just under $300. I ended up with $194 plus a few credit cards. I got 2 sales back to back. I was still a bit miffed that Anne had taken the bus pass. Break time and I had a better second half. Just as we were ending shift there’s Anne. She popped over with the bus pass and we cleared that up.

I still wanted to go over to Audrey’s and Anne came with me in the light rain. They didn’t have the book I wanted so I had to special order a copy. But $30 bucks. Yikes. Well. I’m sure I’m going to use it. We went down to the Carona lrt, Anne gave me a ticket and she got off at Churchill and I continued on the way to Clairview and home. I just relaxed for awhile and then I went and tried to nap from 4-5ish or so. No luck. I’m not tired or anything.

After my "nap" I fired up the computer and did some more Et. I added some back story and I think I got 2000 words today. I might do more yet. Maybe finish off Chapter 12.
Anne made us Pizza earlier and I took my insulin. My bsl is under 8 all day. So that’s a good sign.

That’s all for now.


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