Wednesday, May 31, 2006

my wife didn’t
put out my cereal for me overnight but made sure I had the cat food alright. I was a bit peeved but I’m over it now but when I'm up feeding the cats etc I'm half awake so it would have made things easier on me. No big deal. I just did the cbi thing and reading a bit of Swain. I think, overnight I got 4 hours sleep and I’ll go back to bed soon for the rest. I’m going to read a bit more and head into bed.

well, that was an exercise in futility. After heading back to bed I kept turning and tossing. I think I slept for an hour and then back to T&T until 11am and the cats started coming in. Anne got up, I got up yeesh, so I went to the couch and put the weather channel on and my feet up and slept through that until just before noon.

Inxis was here last night at Rexall place while the Oilers get ready to face off either Carolina or Buffalo. June 5th We already know my team. For once in as many days now Rexall Place had something else to cheer about other then the Oilers.

So Daniel Craig is the recent James Bond in Casino Royale, which is in production. It seems this is a darker Bond then the rest of them but I still think Pierce Bronson played the best Bond. James bond is one of my favorite movie franchise. Star Wars, Star Trek, James Bond. Out of all the James Bond actors Roger Moore played in more Bond flims and is my 2nd favorite Bond character. Roger Moore was in 7 Bond films. More then any other actor, even Sean Conerry. So this new guy has a lot of pressure. The movie could be out later this year.

Just having my first coffee and Anne went up to Walmart. We’d like to get one of those 50” Plasma TV’s but they cost a heck of a lot of money. Basically I’ve seen them for just under $2000G. I've seen the smaller screens but the 50" is just about right. I’m looking at the LG brand because of their viewing technology. If we get any more resource cheques from Ralph this year, we’re putting our money aside and take out a grand for one. I think the tv isn’t enough though. We have to get the tuner from our service provider and that’s a monthly expense. Does that mean we aren’t going to get one? Of course not. We already pay including Internet, $107. An extra $10/20 month isn’t going to kill us.

Anyway, that’s all for now.


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