Tuesday, May 16, 2006

uggh, I don't
feel to bad. I stayed up late and did some writing in Et and went to bed around 5am. I think I got just over 1,000 words done. It was warm in our place and overnight. Temps are supposed to rise to about 29. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't get to 30. I did the cbi thing about 5am and that's when I went to bed. I think I might have had 5 hrs sleep. Maybe, But I had enough sleep from yesterday so I'm okay for now. Anne was restless all morning and that inspires the cats to roam around and keeping me awake.

In the news today Soduko is all the rage this year. The Numbers/crosspuzzlezzell and I'd like to try it. Looks interesting and I'm thinking about trying it out.

I'm on my first coffee and just a few minutes ago, it seemed half of schoolschooll behind us here came parading through our little pathway between us and Edmonton housing. I like hot spring days like this.


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