Saturday, May 13, 2006

I never made
it to the lodge but I have my dues ready and I will call the secretary and ask if he can come by and pick it up maybe tomorrow afternoon before the hockey game.

I ended up doing just a bit over 3000 words on the day. My writing got a bit stupid there with a coffin like air-ship balloon. Yeesh. I know, it was about 460 words but that was crap even to me. So far the story is now at 33323k/102k, or 2/3rds of the half way mark.

I made a couple of posts to FM and wanted to contribute something to AGF but there was nothing there I found of interest. I also did a bit of jfk research and made a few posts to the ng.

Anne made us a nice rotisary Superstore chicken and she was out here and there all night getting plants and things from various places. I had a sweet tooth and I asked her to get me a cadbury big candy bar. Worst thing for a diabetic to eat. I took my bsl about 40 min ago and it was at 9.1. And I took out the trash and walked around the building and I was at 6.3. Exercise will always bring down my bsl.

Anyhow Anne and I are going to have ourselves a 5.5 % Alcohol beer later and listen to Coast for a bit and pass out after he br. 5.5 is just right for me. If it's higher in alcohol content It plays havoc on me and like spicey foods I don't enjoy them.

Speaking of foods, tomorrow Anne is going to make me a nice baby back rib dinner with all the fixins and of course with beer and I'll be watching that Oiler game. I think on at 8pm, which is about when we have supper anyway.

I was thinking about having a little sci fi corner of my own here when I get some money and have a little shelf for things like my Star Trek oraments burried in the back there and other items from my favorite movies etc. Mainly for inspiration purposes more then anything else. This is why I want to go to Warp 1 and do some shopping and see what they have. I'd like to get a small Star Trek wall clock I can have in here. I should see if I can locate one on Ebay.

Yes I still have the website up and running. it's not finished or anything like that as I've been on hold since about March working there with Markus. I still want to get working on it and I will when this novel is done, if he still wants to work with me.

Anyhow, that's about all for now. Anne came back from a dissapointing bottle run.


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