Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Oiler/Sharks game went into triple OT and the Oilers won early in the 3rd OT3-2. They now are within 1 of coming back from behind a 2 game loss in NHL playoff history. Only 2 other teams have ever done it and the last time a team had come from behind was back in 1975.

I didn't do the xtra words to get over 29k but I will during my next session.

Anne and I are going down Friday to take care of AHC and I informed Debbie at the office and she's going to let head office, Calgary, know right away I put my subsidy in. Work went slow but I informed Will that I'll be off on Saturday for Super Sat. If all goes well, I hope to pay my lodge dues and have a nice relaxing day. Go Oilers. Go! !

That's all for now.


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