Friday, May 05, 2006

Anne and I
went to bed around 3am and listened to the top Coast stories of the day and past out by 3 I was snoring away. I think. I got up at 7am, so I had a good 4 hrs sleep and when I went back to bed about 7:15pm, I made a sketch of the Air-bikes I’m using in Et. After the cbi thing, I went to bed. I slept soundly until about 11:20am. So, I think I got a full 7.5hrs in. Not counting the time to get up and pee, that sort of thing.

The light came on when Anne and I were on the train. I realized that if at any time Rob/night management wanted to send me home because I had a low total. I’d say sure. I could use a night off but that would only be,if I had a slow evening and a full phone room. But I don’t need to worry about that at least for now. Even if management sends me home in the morning shift, that’d be different. The realization was that Anne’s working and if I get sent home at least she can pull up the slack, so I’m not worried. I would still like something to fall back on and Pizza is a good choice because of the hours. Or surveys during the afternoon. I could try out Advanis as well. I like Pizza because of the hours.

I checked the job bank and there isn’t much mostly vacation packages that type of thing. But lots of call centers don’t advertise and that isn’t specific to just Edmonton. The unemployment rate right now here in Edmonton is a whopper 3.5%. It hasn’t been that low since August 1981 and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

Since I ended up doing that 6k and 1000 words I’ve done 8k on the week. I haven’t written anything since Tuesday but I’m going to do some more tomorrow and maybe do another 3k. That would make it 9k on the week. Et keeps rolling along.


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