Sunday, May 14, 2006

Just sipping a beer.
and relaxing as we are about ready for bed. Anne is watching Knight Rider and I added another link to cruise in my blog strolling routine. I usually do this around 12:30-1pm everyday before I get to my writing. I hope to get to 35k today and possibly to 50k by the end of the week. Next weekend is a "long weekend" but I still have to work that Saturday even though Anne wants me to take the day off. I've been wanting to save up some cash and get some extra Ram for my computer. $220 bucks would do it. I also want to upgrade to MS Word because of the Document Map feature it has.

Also, I was considering going over to Warp1 maybe today and check out the sf collectives. But being diabetic I'll be up at about 6am and probably awake at the computer and get as much work on Et as I can. Then back to bed. I'll get up about 11 am work some more and then call the lodge secretary and see about making plans to get him over here to pick up my lodge dues. Then there's brunch and then "Daniel Boone." I like watching that while having my breakfast/brunch. That's on from 2-3pm. If the secretary can make it around that time, I can go out for a walk. Then get back to do some more writing on Et. The Oiler/Sharks game is on at 8pm and Anne is going to be making me a nice diner. That will take us until around 10pm. I'll so some internet stuff to round out our evening and then the br, Coast and pass out. I'll have to put Warp1 off until maybe next weekend.

Well, in theory that is.


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