Thursday, May 25, 2006

uggh. I tried
to get to sleep but I stayed up listening to Larry Niven on Coast until 3:30pm and I watched The Rifleman until 4am and I decided, I may as well, stay up and read Swain and I got a lot of great information. I'm glad I stayed up and I learned some interesting things that will pay off I think eventualy. This has got to be about the best book on writing I've ever read. Just great stuff. Anyway, I did the cbi thing and went to bedfinelyly about 5:30am. I slept until about 11:40am and got up feeling drained and tiredOrdinarilyly I'd have some energy this time of day but it's diminished somewhat.

I'm also thinking when I finish this book on writing, I'm going to restart Et and utilize some of the tricks in the book and watch out for the Do's and Dont's that remain in this current draft. There is too much summary in the first couple of chapters. I want to have some summary in sequel. I don't know.

It's raining hard and fast out there. Since we got this session of rain, we've received about 22 mm of rain where we barely on average get 150mm of rain for the whole summer. Getting the rain is good though and we need it but I for one could use a sunnynney days in there as well.

So then, tonight is the big game at Rexall Place. The Oilers have the chance to do it all tonight. Win and they advance into the Stanley Cup finale. Lose and they go back to Anaheim. Tuesday night the Ducks had scored 3 goals in the 3rd period. Ouch. They feel momentum has swung their way and I think they're right. I hope I'm wrong though. I believe the Oilers can do it tonight but it's going to cost them. That's all for now.

Go Oilers Go.


I think we're on the same schedule. Birds were chirping by the time I fell asleep last night. Er, morning. Maybe a little before 6 am. In my case I think it's too much caffeine too late at night.

I love a good sweep... go Oilers go!
I think I zigged when I should have zagged. Pardon the email. The Oilers lost tonight but they'll be back. I love Saturday's

Thanks for the reply

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