Saturday, May 06, 2006

Anne took off
out of here about 10 min ago for S.S and she’s got the bus pass. I only realized this just now. I just assumed it would be up there. She’s so caeless with that thing. She might be back when I leave try finding her in that place is like a black hole.

Okay, I just took a bsl reading, sitting at 8.8 and I took the title down of Swains book I’m going to order this afternoon at Audry’s. I’d have like to have gone to Tims for a cofee on my way home, but it looks like I’m spending $4.50 on bus fare today. Thanks Anne. I just assumed the bus pass would be on the top of the fridge. That makes me mad.

Okay, Jim. Breath. I got the break from last night and I was passed out about 2:30am but got up a couple of times to pee and feed the cats and went back to bed. Before I did that though I ended up doing almost a 1,000 words on Et and I had to go back into the story and put in some “back story.”

On a bit of a distressing note here the people above us are moving. It seems their lease is up and she lost her job cleaning in a hotel when it changed management. They are an older couple and have been here for at least as long as I have and as long as Anne has if not longer. The place was quiet other then the people downstairs. They were quiet, and now when they move out at the end of the month once management here guts the place and fixes it up, it’ll be for rent and some crack heads will lbe moving in.

Still waiting for Anne to return and gradually waiting to leave. Knowing her she’ll be there all morning.

Anyhow, time to blog this.


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