Friday, May 19, 2006

Well, I got
$5. Better then nothing. So far I'm at 41,410k into Earth tones. I'm at a paltry 612 for the afternoon. My goal today is to get at least to just a little over 42k. Hopefully, I can get 3k done for Sat and maybe even 4k done for Sun and Mon. I anticipate having the story done by the first week in June. Then I scene proof the story and rewrite and then grammar check.Tinker, tinker and tinker some more . I figure the story should be ready for agent cover letter by Labor Day weekend. In theory. Then I work on my next book project.

I really wanted to get these work in Progress bars into my sidebar but I'm having some problems making them show and editing the numbers on a daily basis. I need that WIP bar program and among other things like the book, printer cartridge, Ram, it all costs money.

I have $22 and some change on me and I'm going to go right into Audrey's and see if the book is in. I'll take an xtra $20 from my lodge dues and next week I'll work those xtra hours so I can pay them at the last meeting before the summer break. If the book isn't there, then I'll just pocket the cash until either it comes in or my stat pay cheque, which will show up with the proposed extra hours for my lodge dues.

Tonight is game one of the Oilers/Ducks game in Anaheim and they've had a week off. We won all 4 games we played with them in the regular season but that doesn't mean a thing. I'd say this series will go 7 games. At least the Ducks won't boo Pronger but they could boo our anthem like the Shark fans did. My feelings about that are well, so what? They could have booed anything. They're fans. No big deal. Anyway. But like the first couple of games the Oilers will lose and will be battling back from typical Oiler fashion. Go Oilers Go!

Anyway, that's all from here.


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