Monday, May 15, 2006

holy smoke!!!
Okay the ribs were good and the Oilers started scoring first. At the end of the 1st period they led 1-0. In the second period the Sharks scored. I thought, oh boy here it comes. But the Oilers scored and then the Sharks tied it at 3 each in the 3rd. Then the Oilers got a pp, 4-3 and the Sharks got two penalties in the same play. The Oilers scored goal 5 on a 3 man advantage with under 5 min left. Then a finale goal while the Sharks were short handed. I think the turning point was the short handed goal Smyth to Horcroft I believe. Anyway, the Oilers could take the series Wednesday at home. But my initial reaction could be forgiven as I think the Sharks were to play the favorite after Friday’s beating here in Edmonton. I still the the Sharks are going to win Wednesday as they are going to play desperation hockey.

After I watched the news I was going to take the garbage out and get some air but then Anne came down on me, “I’ve got a headache” and holy shit I couldn’t take her anymore, I had to get out and I’m glad I got out to get some air. I walked out the back and put the garbage between the bins because it seemed to be over loaded and some yokle dokle from the 2nd floor balcony said “In the bins.” I ignored the comment and headed towards Sifton school. It was warm and breazy and I enjoyed the air but I had the need to sit down and I wanted to find a place by myself in the warm evening breeze and I thought over there by the swings and as soon as I sat down some yokle interrupts my space talking on a cell phone. So I move on and decided to go over to the corner across from the church on 50th st. 136th intersection. I waited there for a good 10-20 min it seemed. I left shortly after seeing the bus heading south and I walked home.

My back was still a bit soar from walking, mainly because of this extra weight I’m supporting.
I cam in shortly after midnoght and Anne was wondering where I ws and I said out for a walk etc. Just to get away from her bitching. All is more or less quiet on the ranch for now. I really just wanted to get out of here and get some air.


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