Saturday, May 27, 2006

well, work
went along fine. Will brought the “$2 donuts” in early and first half I had $520. Second half $930 was what I was left with but Will gave us 20 minutes on the break probably because he went outside to smoke a dooby. That’s not my bag but whatever floats your boat. Anyway, I had a “good time” on the job even though I did not qualify for any of the bonuses on the white board. What bugs me is the front 20, the cheap seats, they get a $10 bonus no less for the first person to $100. Yeesh.

Finally 2pm rolled around and I got out of there. I had a bit of a wait for the bus to Shoppers and I got my test strips. Then a longer wait for the next beus but I didn’t see the bus until the last second at the light as I was passing it, I could have got on but the light was changing. I let it go and waited as long if not longer for the next one then waiting for my test strips. I got the train without incident and home. Anne was still in bed just waking up and tired but wanted to go to the vegie market. I thought I could have a nap. No way. The cats woke me up scratching the door and I did manage to sleep but it was more then a rest.

Anhow Anne came home and relayed an experience she had on the mini bus with an unattended mountain bike when left unatended inside the bus no less. The driver swerved and the rear tire caught Anne just below her knee. The driver took down our phone number in case she needed medical attention or if there was an investigation needed. Those mountain bikes or any kind of a bike should not be on those buses unattended or otherwise. They take up way to much room and should not be allowed. Really pisses me off. Anne’s alright but her leg hurts like hell. Anyway, I’m going to go watch the news and get a drink, to get ready for the hocky game in just under an hour.

That’s all for now,

Go Oilers Go!


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