Tuesday, May 23, 2006

uggh. I got
to sleep I think about 2am and slept until 5:30am and did the cbi thing. I went right back to bed and got considerably more sleep but about 9am I began to have as Anne says when the cats get fur balls a “boo, boo belly.” I couldn’t sleep and felt I had the beginnings of a the flu or something. I slept some more but about 10am I got up and went to the front room and turned on the tv, put my feet out and slept for about 40 winks. Anne gave me some ant-acid chewable’s and I feel a bit better. I’m still going into work today to collect the stat pay.

Anyway, not much going on. The Oilers are playing tonight. I’m going into work and that’s about it. So this is s short one for today. That’s all for now.

1:53pm: Update. There's a nice rare early afteroon rain coming down outside and rain like this brings out the lilac aroma in a big way. Coming home tonight the air will be splended. I love a May rain. We seldom get anything like this in the middle of the day here.

Go Oilers Go


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