Thursday, May 04, 2006

having a
slow day today. After Anne, I tried to sleep but about 4am all I was doing was lying in bed so I got up did some internet stuff and did the cbi thing before 6am and I slept from there until 11am when I got up to watch HGWT and Rifleman and the news.

I got another 14 blog links I want to add to my blog list and I hope to get to most of them. I don't want to stretch the list too far though. These are all sf/f related anyhow.

I didn't get any writing done on Et yesterday but I will tonight when I come back from work. Wrestling is always good but Et is more important then wrestling.

In the NHL playoffs, out west here, it's going to be Oilers/SJ, Anaheim/Denver. East: NJ/Carolina, and Ottawa/Buffalo. the Oilers owned SJ in the regular season but SJ made some great trades during the trade deadline this spring. they got Joe Thorton and some other key players. Oilers beat SJ 3-4 games in the series. But game #1 and game #2 is in SJ. I look to have SJ take it in 6. Sorry Oilers but you may have got the upper hand in the regular season but don't reast on that. SJ in 6 possibly 7. If NJ is knocked out by Carolina then we will have a new Stanley Cup winner seeing as how Ottawa took out Tampa. I think this year it'll be Carolina and anyone of the 4 teams left out here but just not the Oilers. They have the tools to do it but I think the league has other ideas.

that said, the plan tonight is to just go into work make a pit stop at the job bank and then into work. Go through the motions there, what with what we got to work with and all. I wanted to go into the lodge tonight. Looks like Super Saturday is out as well. but I will take in the last lodge night before summer break, and any emergent meetings in June.

Well, lets spell check this and do some blogging.


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