Saturday, May 27, 2006

anyway I went
to bed about 2am and sleep came hard but I got some. How much, I don’t know. Maybe 5 hours. Okay, this is what’s on my plate today: In about half an hour, I’m out of here and into work 10-2pm this afternoon. Then I’m hopping on a bus to Shoppers by the old job site for my test strips and back to Carona station and then home. If I’m tired, then I’ll have a nap and then watch the Oiler game. If they win tonight, then I’ll be one happy camper but I think momentum has swung the Ducks way but the Oilers also play pretty good on the road. We’ll see. Then after the 7pm game I’ll continue reading Swain and round out the evening,

Yesterday when I got home, I was watching the movie called Dangerous journey, It had Errol Flynn, Ronald Reagan and even Allan Hale, There was a lot of German dialogue, Of course black and white but it was a pretty good escape yarn.

Ooops, got to run, back later before the game.


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