Saturday, May 13, 2006

Oh my.
Well, the Oilers were on the ropes going into the 2nd 3-1. Then they got 3-2. I was getting excited. Then 3-3. I was ecstatic. Then the unthinkable, 4-3 Oilers. Then, low and behold: 5-3. No way. Then 6-3. I was freaking excited. We were let out around 8:15pm and I had my little walkman am radio listening to the hockey game in the parking lot outside the old Hobbits location. There was 4 minutes left Oilers 6 Sharks 3. They ended up winning 6-3. The horns were honking. The city was going nuts.

It was a beautiful night out there. Some dark cloud. Clear sky, sunlight, everything at once. It was a bit breezy but one of those nights where I could have stayed out longer. I caught the train as usual and at Rexall place Oiler fans were just emptying out of the building. It was an awesome night.

So On my way home loaded with wall to wall Oiler jerseys on the train I noticed my Northgate bus pulling into the station. People were cheering horns honking as if the Oilers had won the Stanley Cup itself. There's lots of hockey left before that ever happens.

Anyway, AHC is done. If all goes well, they won't take anything off my cheque. I forgot to give Neil a call to see if he's heading up for Super Saturday. I might just go for the 2nd part of the meeting or even just to go to pay off my lodge dues and get them out of the way. but that's all for now. It's off to bed.


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