Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I got up
on the late side of bed this afternoon. I woke up and it was 12:30pm. So I think I got up earlier around 7am after going to bed by 2:30am. I got 4.5hrs and I went back to bed after the cbi thing. I took a bsl reading and I was at 14!!! Yikes but now it's 8.7 and is dropping as I speak. I went back to bed around 7:45am and I past out and woke up around 12:30pm. So I got 4.5hrs there and 4.5hrs before that, so that's a good 9 hrs sleep. Well after that passing stomach virus and all, I needed the extra sleep. I feel refreshed now and Anne is out and about at stupid store shopping for something or other. Shepherds pie for lunch.

I should also make mention of that crazy hockey game last night. The hollers had a 4-0 lead on Anaheim but blew it when the Ducks came on a stronger and scored 3 goals in the 3rd period. The hollers were fortunate they won the game 5-4. Rolly played awesome. Even the new guy Peterson scored. What a night. The Oilers are one game away from entering the Stanley up finale if they can win Tomorrow night. That was Anaheim's 13th strait loss in our building. They lead the Ducks 3-0 in the series but I fear the Oiler streak will come to a halt tomorrow night. Do or die for the Ducks.

I start back on my writing tonight after work and I'm going to try and finish this novel on time and then put it away for awhile and revise some of my short stories. Using the tools from Swains book. I call it Swain proofing. Or for short SP, hehehe. So this is a quick entery here as I have a fe other things I want to do and my blog rounds to catch up on. Pardon any typos.

that's all for now


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