Friday, May 26, 2006

okay yeah
the Oilers lost last night. The Ducks won 6-3. Ouch.

I go into work feeling fine enough and got my cheque. First thing that went wrong was I didn’t get my attendance bonus but everything else was there. Then, we had a total of 13 people and I doubt we’ll get our cheques on Thur anytime soon because of that. Also, the tap shooters that were there myself, Bud, Pat, had to do hard copy taps. Comedy Fest Saskatoon no less. I had all the $10/$15 taps while Pat and Bud had the larger ones but they didn’t do much with it either. I tried to get all of the $15 taps I could and there were a few $20 ones in there and by the end of the night, I still had a lot of $15 taps remain. I ended up doing $410. Not great. We were sent over to the business section and I had my radio on listening to the game on my tiny headphones. 1-0 Ducks right off. Uh-oh. The Ducks had 3-0 in the 3rd period. Then 4-1 and the Oilers began to make it interesting and 3-4 then 3-5 and that was about it in the late part of the 3rd. The Ducks scored into an empty net making it 6-3. That stung. So, unfortunately no sweep. However they go back to Anaheim for Sat and that’s a game I can watch. Good stuff. I think the Oilers will take the series there.

Obviously, I didn’t have a very good night. Rob screwed up on my cheque and we ended up doing hard copy and the Oilers lost. Anne made me a nice late lunch a few hours ago, so that was ok as it helped to nurse the "wound" as it were. I came home to watch some Smackdown and the news of the post game Oiler reaction.

On another note, I must remember not to rely on Bloger’s spell check. It’s a terrible application. Sometimes when I’m in a rush my blog spelling is awful. Such was the case earlier. Also this MS Works program isn’t that great either for that. I know my spelling sucks but if you can get past that, your a lot braver then I am. :-)

That’s all for now.


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