Thursday, May 11, 2006

that was a dismal
exerise. We did TD optimist taps and that was a dud. I ended up with about $89 bucks and then we did asb taps and I fared better. I could have written a $1000 night again as I ended up with $705 but the first 1.45 min did me in. Oh I also ended up getting my cheque today and $15 in bonuses. Not to shabby. No AHC taken off. If all goes well and we get them done tomorrow and down at AHC for subsidy, I might be able to void having anything taken off my pay next week.
I’d like to watch wrestling but I’d also like to write and complete my 2000 words on the day. So lets see how much I can get done before 11pm and at least watch the last hour of the show.

Also, because Anne got her pay-cheque in she gave me $100 bucks plus I got $20 COH and I’m happy about that. The $100 bucks is to pay for my lodge dues. Plus what ever I get out of this cheque. And Will knows I won’t be in for Saturday. Everything is looking good.

Well, this week is diary week. 26 years ago this week Mon May 12th is the anniversary of this diary. I don’t know what’s going to happen to it when I die in snother 15-20 years or so. but I might surprise everyone and live until I'm 89 something :-)


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