Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Will was playing the top 6 qualify for Taps game on us last night. TD taps as it were anyway. I had $25, 1 sale by 6pm. Obviously I didn’t qualify. I had $25 right up until 7pm even and I thought I was going to be sent home. If we had a full house I would have and I’d be on my way home to watch the hockey game. I got 11 sales all night and I ended up with $145. Dismal and it was really tough going. It's times like this I hate my job. Getting that wasn’t easy. And not even JT got over $400 on taps and they were on;y on Taps from 6-8, for 2 hours and back to the front 20 for the last hour. Anyhow, I was glad to get out of there and on the lrt platform and home. It was very windy walking and raining across the street out there and home.

SJ was ahead 1-0 as the start of the 2nd period was just getting underway. It was tied at 1 going into the third but the Oilers took a suspect penalty and SJ scored, 2-1 late in the third. It was brutle. I went to watch wrestling. The only good thing about that was JR back. I channel surfed all night between RAW and the hockey game. The Oilers will play again Wednesday night here and I think they will take it here. SJ fans were all over Chris Pronger (he loves it) and the Oilers just when they got some momentum going they get into penalty trouble.

Anne made me a nice lunch of canned pasta and a bun. I’m very tired but I feel alright.
I guess last night the Grinder resturant burned down over there by the Heart & Stroke foundation over night last night. When I was working there that’s where some of us went for lunch.

I got up at 5am and came out here to fire up the computer. It’so warm in here, I’m drying up like before when I was diagnosed with diabeties. Before bed I got the idea of making my short stories into Novellas. I want to do High Risk Assesment, Dark Intruder, Corsshairs, Liftoff all as Novellas. 50,000 words.

For some reason McAdams’s alt.jfk server is down and I can’t read any of the threads today. I hope he gets the problem fixed. It could be at my newsreader server’s level as well. Could be at that end but it reads mcadams on the notice.

Speaking about Novellas elsewhere, I could write one in a month and because Novellas are large short stories, I can write them out the same way as I do short stories. In the 7 point plot methood.

I got up at 5am and fired up the computer, wrote in the above and I did some work on Et, just over 600 words.

I did dome bsl readings today,and I don’t like where the numbers are headed.12.7 at 1:20am this morning and 13.0 at 5am. I’m going to check now.

well. I’m sitting at 9.0. Of course I had the last 16/units of insulin left out of 18 because that was the end of the tube. Still it’s coming down a lot a nice walk out there will bring it down even further. Some days are high, some are low.

well, I ended up doing 1,700 words on the day. Not bad. Anne did a bottle run and came back with this story how the wind blew out $5 dollars that she got from the bottles because it was so windy out there.

She's had a tough day what with bank trouble and now going out there only to lose $5.


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