Sunday, May 14, 2006

Well, I did
2,224 words on Et today. I liked what I got to. I'm at 35,368 and after the game I want to go to at least 36k and possibly to 50k by next Saturday.

the ribs are cooking Anne is doing her vacuming and I'm getting ready to watch the Oiler/Sharks game. Right now thanks to Buffalo, the Oilers are the only Canadian team in the NHL Playoffs, ousting Ottawa Senators 3-2 in OT last night. Of course Ottowa was down 3-1 anyway in their series. It was desperation time for them. I'm not expecing the Oilers to even win tonight. The Sharks were given an ass whoppin Friday night and now the Oilers are in the Shark tank, and it's payback time. The Oilers are going to be eaten alive tonight I'm affraid. Then the Oilers go back to Edmonton and will win it here forcing a game 7. In SJ no less, again. The Oilers regardless need to split the 3 game series now. They need to win in SJ and I don't think they can do it. If not tonight maybe Game 7 this Friday. SJ is just too strong at home. But then, anything is possible. The Oilers beat out the top team in the leauge the first round of the playoffs and they were the Underdog to Detroit. Talk about an upset.

Anyway, I'll come by and report the loss later.

I'm just glad I did my 2224 words today and well on my way to 3k. I could get to the halfway point of the book by the long weekend.

That's all for now. "Go Oilers Go!"


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