Saturday, May 20, 2006

I had a
pretty good night last night. I went to make a detour into Audrey's and my book was in. Then into the job and had a great evening doing $912 and a $25 credit card. I listened to the Oiler game and they won 3-1. Awesome.

I'm up at 7:30-8am-ish get ready do the cbi thing and then go into work to qualify for my stat pay and home for the weekend. Right now I'm reading Dwight Swain's book and it's slow but it's just setting things up.

Anne got a call in before she came home from her sister. I was watching the last of the Oiler game. We hope it's nothing serious, like her father dead. The man is 86 something and in a nursing home. We'll unless we die of unnatural causes, then that's where most of us will end up. Anne lost her mother in November just before Christmas and the last thing she needs is something like this on her long weekend.

I'm just happy the Oilers won tonight in Anaheim no less. And on the road. The Oilers even got a short-handed goal. Next game is Sunday night still in Anaheim but now the Oilers have"Home ice advantage."


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