Sunday, May 28, 2006

I went to bed
about 1:20am after that half can of beer and listened to a bit of Coast and passed out. It was a good show for a Sat, I’m having my first coffee. I was up about 6;30am and I did the cbi thing, 13.7. Yikes. My bsl is always up at that hour in the morning anyway. No real surprise there. I went right back to bed and slept until just after 11am. I fixed my coffee had a sneezing episode here and a nature called and a bowel movement there. Whew. I’m back.

It seems there was a lot of action going on Whyte Ave last night. The crowds were still partying it down well into the mid-wee hours of the morning. The City closed off Whyte Ave to all traffic. There must have been ten-fifty thousand people down there. I heard on the news about 2am some nuts were on the roof of a local business on Whyte Ave and set a small fire. Fire crews were dispatched and quickly put the small blaze out. It seems also phone booths and bush shelters where smashed and some business had the windows broken. 15 Arrests were made five facing criminal records. More reports well be coming in at the noon news.

Anyway, here’s what’s on my plate today. Do my blog reading until brunch. Daniel Boone, Read Swain, go out for a walk, Swain, supper and round out the rest of Sunday night. Sundays are laid back for me. Anne is usually out and about but today is laundry day. We have out own washer/dryer set up here and because the dryer tumbler is smaller then the ones in the building it takes us longer to do the drying. Also, I’d like to watch the Sabers/Canes game sometime today. That might be in at 5pm.

I’m excited the Oilers have a “chance” to win the Stanley Cup. They haven’t been here since 1990. It’s a momentous occasion for the fans and the City as well. Game #1 of that series could begin Monday June 5th and it could be over by the 13th. Regardless I’m going to see the Oilers in a Stanley Cup finale game. The Copper & Blue will have 8 days off if the series stars June 5th. This one, Oilers in 7 and that will be a Saturday night game, June 17th it’ll be done. However if the Oilers take the first 2 games in Buffalo/Carolina, then I’d say, the Oilers in 5 and the Stanley Cup game could be on June 13th but the Oilers won’t win it on home ice. I still think this could go 7 games.


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