Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I just took
a bsl reading and I went from 9.1 down to 8.0. I slept alright from 2:00am until the cats had other ideas waking me up at about 4:30am. So, I got up did some internet stuff and posted a message on the Amazon Help line. Lets see if I got any replies.

I got a few replies and one said they responded 2 days ago providing instructions. I looked around for the post but couldn’t find it. Maybe it got lost in the wrong forum. I replied back so lets see what happens. I like the idea of posting book covers of books I'm currently reading, Right now, not much. I can put new boobk cover images up say every 3 months to let people know what books I’m currently reading at the time. Adds another dimension to my blog. Hopefully that person will respond back.

Today, I’m going to do some more writing and finish up with 2k on the day. I got lots of time to meet my quota. I’ve already got 1k and a bit “in the bank.”

So, today is the Calgary/Anaheim in Calgary. If the Flames win they go on to play the Oilers in round two and game #1 of that series should go underway Sat night, the so called “Red Mile” will go nuts. If they lose, then Edmonton faces off against SJ. A lot of people want to see the “Battle of Alberta.” If it happens then I’d say the Flames in 6. If the Oilers face SJ, then I’d say the Oilers in 7. If Calgary wins tonight down there at the Saddle Dome, then there will be a “Battle of Alberta”, and it won’t be pretty folks. Calgary has had the Oilers number all season and with their goal tender, shudder. I’d say Calgary in 5. A lot of hockey fans want to see this match-up. First time in almost 15 years a Flames/Oilers match-up in the play offs. In a way I do as well and Calgary is the favorite to win it all tonight. But Edmonton might fare better against SJ in the next round.

On another note, the Canadian dollar has reached an all time high since 1977 sitting at just over 90.cents/US. Soon if this keeps going up the Canadian dollar will be on par with the US dollar but the Canadian dollar is a small market when it comes to international currency. The down side is Oil went down a $1.70 something still strong at $72 but it was released today that there is a lot of supply left. Interesting.

Personally I like the new budget Ottawa posted. There are tax credits for bus passes and anyone that has a job will get a working tax credit. $500 this year and $1000 next year. Nice to see the Feds giving something back.

On the Sci-fi scene, this month is the release of the new MI3 movie. I think this summer is going to be a slow summer/for sci-fi movie/tv fans. I don’t see any huge block busters in the works, other then the new Superman offering and I wouldn’t call that a blockbuster. It’s not in the same league as Star Wars or Star Trek.

Time to blog this and get to Et.


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