Monday, May 22, 2006

Anyway, I got up
around 5:30am and did the cbi thing after 2.5hrs sleep. Then I went right to bed and slept until about 11 when Anne got up to go to the meet market. I slept until neighbors somewhere began pounding or hammering or something like that about 11:30am. So I got up about 11:40am-ish made my coffee and watched the last of The Rifleman, watched the holiday Monday news and came in here to fire up the computer and Anne came in just now and brought in some nice Lilacs. I have some fresh lilac bushes here, perfuming up the office. I need to get a picture of them. I love lilacs in bloom. Tonight, I'm watching wrestling and more reading this afternoon.

Tomorrow, I want to check in on that Pizza job and see what that's all about. If it looks good and they won't mind me coming in a few days/week, say from 11am-4:30, Thur and Friday, then fine. From what I've been hearing, is they pay about the same as the job I'm at now. If they can only pay me $8 hr, forget it. I'll go to Advan and work there at $11hr and do afternoons from 1-4 if they'll have me, from Tues-Fri. 12hrs/week is enough for me. I need batteries for my camera and other stuff. I'm also thinking about Epcor. They have a call center as well. matter of fact I think I might go to their website and check them out.

Well, this weekend was the big opener for the Da Vinci code. Other then MI3 and X-men, nothing really sci-fi coming down the pike although it's kind of early in the summer movie season. I wouldn't call MI3 or even X-men and even Superman, sci-fi. Since I'm not a fan of these 2 superhero types, really. I'd say they aren't in my genre and not worth my time (if it wasn't for Patrick Stewart in X-men) But I do kind of want to see the Fantastic 4 when it comes out on cable soon. I think the last real sf movie I really enjoyed was The Matrix trilogy. Well, I mean outside of Star Wars last year. The Matrix was fresh and original and I loved it. All three were awesome. I wouldn't mind owning them on DVD some day but I'm going to wait until I can get HDTV and that won't be for a few years yet. Or wait until when and if a backwards compatible HDDVD/DVD player comes out that automatically converts a DVD signal to HD format in real time. That might be asking a lot. Right now, I'm putting all that stuff on hold. Not a high priority.

Right now, I need to pay off my lodge dues and I need Ram for my computer and a laser printer/scanner. When I can afford it. This is why/hence I want the extra income this summer. And of course a rechargeable battery kit so I can start posting more pictures here. Also, books on my sidebar wish list are always a priority. As I buy one of the books, I'll remove it and place up another that sort of thing. After I've read it of course.

Okay, it's time to spell check this and put it to bed and do my Blog rounds.

All for now,


If only we didn't need money to survive, right?

Since you've been responding on my blog, I figured it was only fair that I finally drag my overworked butt over here to see what you're up to.

If there were SF markets out there that paid $1 or more per word, we'd be in business right? But for now I guess we're both stuck in the rat race.

Great blog...reminds me that I should try to post more!!!
Thanks for the kind words.

I read somehwere that money is like life energy. My writing kind of sucks but this is mostly off the cuff stuff anyway. I always strive to improve.

but I agree about the markets. I think used to pay 20 cents a word before they stopped taking story submissions and even then that's pretty good money.

I work for XentelDm, the McDonalds of all call centers. They've kept me on for at least 5 years probably more then I deserve but it's an emplyee market out there again and the economy here is booming so i think it's time to move on for better things.

The rat race isn't so bad. I think we have it better off then others.

Thanks for stopping by.

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